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Welcome to Netland Towers

Netland Towers is an online role-play community based on the Wheel of Time (WoT) series by Robert Jordan.

The Last Battle has been won, the Dragon's Peace in place. But it is uncertain what the pattern will weave in this new age, an age born of destruction but filled with opportunity. Join us on the battlefields of Tarmon Gai'don, as our characters play their part in the final events of the Third Age. Join us in the Fourth Age of this turning of the Wheel of Time, and help us shape the world born of a new age.

Netland Towers is an online roleplaying community based on the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan that has been active on the web since 1997. We offer forum based (play-by-post) roleplaying as well as chat based RP. We strive for an environment that combines creativity and community, giving our members the freedom to create dynamic characters that have the opportunity to shape their world. Everyone is welcome to join, from true Wheel of Time veterans who've eagerly awaited the release date of every book, to those who may be new to the series. There are countless opportunities to create, explore, and have fun within the world of The Wheel of Time.


Roleplaying in a fluid timeline that allows the greatest flexibility, we consider ourselves a Portal World, though we have followed closely the major events of the books. Currently our characters have the opportunity to take part in the Last Battle, as well as jump ahead into the months following the Battle to begin exploring and shaping the Fourth Age. We have three main character “guilds.” Women who can channel belong to the Aes Sedai Guild, men who channel are part of the Black Tower guild, and those who wish to train as Warders belong to the Warder Guild. The White and Black Towers have developed a mutual respect, and this new age promises a greater collaboration. Though the majority of our roleplaying is focused on the two Towers, you are not limited to these character types. Any type of character, whether an Aiel Apprentice Wise One or a Child of the Light is welcome.

In addition to our roleplaying, the last decade and a half have produced a strong bond of community at Netland Towers. We have a lively and active Out of Character (OOC) aspect to our site in addition to roleplaying. From our forums to our chat rooms to the annual summer social gathering, we are a community that invites people to get involved.

Join us in the Last Battle and in the Fourth Age of this turning of the Wheel!


Normal business has resumed. Hurrah!

We are currently experiencing forum hijinks in the name of updates. Some people may not be able to log in depending on the theme you are currently using - if you can log in, please do not change your theme as it may prevent access to the forums. We will see this sorted as soon as possible!

Netland Towers enters Tarmon Gai'don and the Fourth Age!

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